Bangladeshi by bornDSC_0129

Student and Member:

Student of Jahangirnagar University and Completed Foundation Photography from Pathshala (South Asian Media Institute)

Completed ‘Wedding Journalism’ from Prito Reza Through ‘Photoffee’ (Fine Art Institute)

Completed Basic ‘Graphics Design’ from ‘Choukosh’

Student of ‘Coursera’

Student of ‘Udemy’

Lifetime Member of ‘Notre Dame Environmental Club’

Member(Photographer) of ‘Photoffee’

Member of Wild Team of NKC (Noazesh Knowledge Centre )

Former President of ‘Notre Dame Nature Study Club’


Job Description:

*Working as a Journalist of ‘Dhallywood24.com’ and also as an In charge of Short Film Section of the same Place.

*Convener of ‘Accounting Adventure Club’ of Jahangirnagar UniversityIMG_8117

*Co-convener of ‘Accounting Photography Club’ of Jahangirnagar University

*Freelance Tourism Consultant;Bangladesh

*Freelance Fashion Photographer

*Online Trainer

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